Advisory Internet Packages


Most medium and large companies nowadays are well aware that the Internet represents an important new communications medium. Many of the household names already have a tentative presence and are discovering the ways in which they can make use of it; whether that be as a sales tool, a medium for customer feedback, for P.R. and image purposes or for competitive information.

The best way to get a good feel for the ways in which the medium is being used is to spend a significant amount of time working with it; discovering how other people are using it and thinking through the angles for yourself. This is time-consuming but must be done if you are not to make mistakes. Not everyone wants to commit so much effort to a technology which is still in its early, formative stages.

At GBdirect we recognise the need of companies to maintain a watching brief and have prepared packages to help organisations come up to speed with the various technologies, as well as providing recommendations on possible ways forward.


The GBdirect Internet Advisory Packages are predefined consulting packages specifically tailored and conducted on behalf of your organisation. The standard frameworks are flexible and intended to be adaptable to the needs of a wide range of companies. The work is carried out by internationally known experts with many years of board-level experience, having provided strategic consulting and planning advice to organisations as diverse as Barclay's Bank, DHL, the U.S. Department of Defense, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Shell, B.P., British Telecom and many others.

The activity review is designed for organisations that either have an Internet "presence" already or are currently in the process of designing one. GBdirect is well-placed to advise on the effectiveness of current or planned offerings and work with you to ensure that you achieve the results that you want. Topics that will be covered include:


The Internet Advisory Package involves a minimum of 5 full days work by one of our Principal Consultants and is available for a fixed fee of £3,950 + V.A.T. For further information please call or email us to discuss ways in which the package might be tailored to your needs.