Email and Web-to-Desk Solutions


Thousands of companies all over the world are discovering the worst-kept secret of the decade - that you don't have to pay premium prices for a premium service. Instead of expensive and unreliable software intended for desktop PCs, corporate email service works best on tried and proven server software.


Our corporate email and web-to-desk solutions equip your office with reliable, remotely maintainable software that runs week after week - no need to reboot, making a `crash' something that you only hear about other people having - and all with no per-user licensing fees whatsoever!

You can use a single ISDN (digital telephone connection) or permanent leased-line connection for all of your users and all of your Internet access needs - our server solution automatically shares the access between all of your users simultaneously and transparently, running on the same software that your Internet Service Provider is probably using.

Our solutions are based on Linux - an incredibly robust version of the same software that large companies use to run their database and accounting systems - where reliability and uptime are crucial. Unlike the `Microsoft Tax' you have no royalties and no per-client fees to pay - and it's compatible with all the standard Web Browsers and Email packages that your desktop PCs will be using.



A basic setup will suit most small to medium sized businesses - up to a hundred or so mail users and ten or twenty Internet users - starting from as little as £1650 (ex. VAT) installed and working, hardware included (but excluding your Internet connection). More complex systems are also available, including separate firewalls for additional security.

Save yourself money and trouble! Contact us today for more information and discover why so many others are switching to Linux - software that works.