Marketing, PR & the Internet

We provide a full range of creative and technical skills to help you make the best of your Internet Marketing plans. Whether you are designing a large Internet promotional and support presence, an internal Internet to support business communications or you are simply looking at a modest first-toe-in-the-water, we can help you to plan your approach and achieve your aims. We have in-house skills in:

Worldwide Web site design is not simply a matter of taking existing material and presenting it on the Internet. Copy may need to be rewritten to account for an international market and great care needs to be taken with the use of graphics. Large images are slow to load and rarely convey useful information to the viewer. Furthermore, the appearance of web pages is as much under the control of the viewer as the author. The skills required to implement good web pages are not those commonly found outside specialist organisations like our own.

Design and copywriting skills are only part of the mixture necessary to succeed. GBdirect staff have years of direct hands-on experience of marketing and marketing management in industry. Our experience of selecting market sectors and planning the appropriate message will prove as valuable as our ability to get that message across.

Our strong technology skills make us ideally placed to offer you "one-stop-shopping" for the installation of your own email and Internet access too. Your I.T. department will be surprised at the level of skill we have in integrating Internet and existing I.T. technology. From on-line ordering and stock-level reporting through to direct access to customer billing and accounts (if that's what you want) we have the skills to make it work.