Syndicate Content To Promote Your Site

Content syndication, means nothing more that displaying your written material on other people’s sites — but it is an extremely cheap and effective way of promoting your site.

You Don’t Have To Be A News Organisation

In the age of the web, every company should think of itself as a media organisation (without getting too carried away and forgetting about its core business).

Publishing Costs Are Negligible

Most companies produce masses of information which potential customers would find useful or interesting. Most of it is not in the least bit confidential, but very little of it is ever made available to the public. The web makes it possible to publicise that information at negligible cost.

Publish Your Ideas

Content hungry web sites will happily reproduce your documents at no cost to you, recognising your intellectual property, and some will even pay you for the priviledge.

Get Links, Surfers and Search Engine Kudos

Every piece you publish on other people’s sites not only communicates your perspectives to new audiences, it can also link directly back to your website — bringing customers directly, and enhancing your site’s status in search engine rankings!

Change Attitudes To Confidentiality

A web-savvy organisation is one that automatically assumes that all of the documents it generates will be made available, unless there is a compelling reason to keep them secret. Most current organisations assume the opposite, i.e. that only specifically designed web pages should be published.

Proprietary Document Formats Are A Disaster

Producing and storing documents in proprietary formats makes it hard to publish on the web. Despite valiant efforts, search engines cannot index or reproduce Microsoft Word or PDF documents properly, so you may have to engage in expensive and time consuming conversion to HTML. If you generate and store the data in HTML or XML, you can convert and publish automatically and at no cost.