Promoting Your Website Offline

With a few notable exceptions, advertising your website in offline (conventional) media is just a quicker way of burning your cash than actually taking it to an incinerator. In all other cases, the cash should be directed to online promotion.

Letting Customers Know That You Actually Have Useful Web Services

This is only an issue if you are even more technologically backward than your customers. If you are delivering something that can be delivered easily over the web, your customers will already have looked for it and found you lacking. Offline advertising could let them know that you have finally come up to scratch, and that it’s worth a visit.

Directing Reluctant Web Users To Use Your Site

There is probably a good reason why they aren’t currently using your site. Offline advertising may be worth the cash, if you can genuinely persuade them that you have fixed the problems.

The Site Is Supporting An Offline Marketing Campaign

If the site actually delivers the service (e.g. low-cost airline booking) or if the site hosts something like a competition associated with an offline marketing campaign.