Making Site Visibility A Primary Business Objective

The origin of almost every success or failure of web visibility can be found in the business goals driving a particular site’s development.

The vast majority of invisibility results from wooly thinking, along the following lines:

  1. No clear order of precedence between the many, and often contradictory, objectives which a site pursues. Merely ticking the box to confirm the existence of an e-commerce site appears to be the primary goal of most e-business projects.
  2. Other priorities have negative effects on visibility, e.g. multimedia presentations at the entrance to a site are almost guaranteed to obscure the pages designed to sell products and services. Choosing to prioritize corporate imagery over actual sales is a common, but commercially irrational, approach.
  3. Little thought is given to the practicalities involved in achieving visibility, e.g. it is merely assumed to be something you can buy, like advertising.
  4. No serious consideration is given to the sort of visibility which the site requires, e.g. narrowly focussed or comprehensive, short-term or permanent?

The absence of sharp and discriminating thought in these areas leads directly to innapropriate choices of staff, technologies and methodologies

No amount of expensive software or advertising is going to remedy poor choices in those areas.

Hiring expensive PR professionals will, in most cases, only add to the cost of failure, since they typically are both technically and existentially incompetent on the web.

For most companies, the only practical strategy is to do it yourself, i.e. develop the necessary in-house knowledge, skill and sensibility towards the practice of web visibility.

Rather than pretending to do the job for you, GBdirect’s consultants and trainers can enable you to invest their successful experience in your company’s staff and infrastructure.